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                          Elevator Safety and Security Have the Skills



1 : When the elevator doors opened, do not worry enter, if there is a closer look at the elevator to prevent kick Ta.

2: If the elevator suddenly fall, first quickly press the button on each floor, emergency power starts, the elevator will stop continue to fall. Then the entire back and head close to the elevator walls was a straight line, use the elevator wall to protect the spine. If the elevator can hold the handrail with armrests, center of gravity and prevent falls. If there is no handrail, then with hugs neck to avoid neck injuries. Another knee bent posture need to borrow knees bent toughness to withstand severe impact stress. Finally toes point, heel lift to slow the momentum.

3: Rinse immediately with elevator alarm devices, such as alarm, intercom or telephone contact with the outside elevator parts, in the meantime require sedation to reduce oxygen consumption, to prevent suffocation in confined spaces. If the alarm is not active, you can beat the elevator door intermittently for help to maintain physical fitness. Most importantly, not force Pa doors, Za, which tends to increase the chance of the elevator suddenly fall.

4: From the data, in 2012 China's elevator accident has occurred in 36 cases, 28 people died. Survey shows that 21.74 percent of respondents said often encountered elevator failure, nearly 40 percent of respondents said occasionally encountered, indicating elevator malfunction universal. As individuals we can not completely prevent, how to give your family an extra layer of protection?There have been calls netizens launched "elevator insurance." Currently on the market there is no corresponding insurance available for purchase. I search the Internet, "Ping An Insurance" Found Ping An Insurance mall, Insurance mall with staff learned that the elevator accident just an ordinary accident, general accident insurance is to provide comprehensive protection. Ping An Insurance mall sold as "one-year comprehensive accident insurance", "short-term comprehensive accident insurance", "body comprehensive accident insurance" and other daily comprehensive accident insurance coverage for both elevator accident. In peace-year comprehensive accident insurance, for example, 1-65 years of age can buy more extensive coverage of the population, online discount is also good, if you have purchased comprehensive insurance, in fact, can be achieved without additional protection for the elevator.